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Want to increase your sales? Use this method to double or even triple them

We all know that you need to check the right V when selling your product. The fact that some clients hide their abjection to buy just makes it harder to do your job. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that would help you uncover the reason that prospect didn’t buy?

The follow-up

People have gotten used to having things done easy and on the spot. While this will work, it will only generate a low conversion rate. If you follow up correctly it will provide you with two things. One is the option to close another client. And two, it will increase the types of rejections you know how to deal with.

The wrong follow up

The follow up is not meant only for the client that says they will have money in a week or so. It’s a great way to gather more information. But you have to be smart, don’t just go for a quick close. Ask questions, let the prospect know you want to understand him.

The right follow up

If you’re talking to a client that asked you to call back later, ask him how he’s doing. If he indicated that he was on a trip ask how it was. Try to get him to bring up the product you want to sell.

If you’re calling a prospect that already said no to your product, acknowledge it. Start the conversation with “We talked a few weeks ago and I understand you don’t want to go forward, may I ask why?” When you acknowledge the fact he said no, you defuse the tension. He’s no longer defensive and waiting for your pitch.

Now that the prospect is willing to listen to you, ask what you could have done differently. What he was expecting but didn’t get. Sometimes those requests will be out of the question, but sometimes they will be small requests that you can solve on the spot.

So when he brings up one of those small rejections go deeper into it. Let’s say he said the price was too high. Ask him if he got a lower price and what it was. If the difference is something you can comfortably handle, ask if he would close now if you gave him a discount.

It’s that easy

Not everyone is going to buy, but if you increase your conversions by 3% to 5% isn’t it worth it?


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