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Whatever you focus on expands, so why is it so hard to make more money by focusing on it?

When you focus on your family your family will expand. If you focus on your business your business will also expand. But it’s not the same thing when you focus on money. Why is that?

The main reason is that when you focus on money, you start over optimizing. You start retracing your steps and constantly trying to improve them, which is basically a good thing. But too much of a good thing is bad for your wallet. Not to mention that money is not the process it’s just the score.

Think of a basketball game, the process in the game working with your team to give your 110%. As a fan, you focus on the score, but if the players would focus only on the score they would try to over-optimize their shots resulting in a horrible game. A game that is not fun to watch because it will be too technical. It’s the same with your business.

The process is working with people, finding out what you can do to improve their lives. That’s the game, the money you are paid is just the score.

So if you want to make more money you have to focus on your clients. You have to make sure you’re giving them the best experience you possibly can. You have to make as many raving fans out of them as you possibly can. When you do that the money will take care of itself. You will start to see a constant increase in your bottom line.


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