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quantity vs quality

We all want to put out quality content. But did you ever notice that people who put emphasis on quality never do anything? Why is that? It could be because they are lazy, but it could also be because they have imposter syndrome.

Most people have so much they can teach the rest of us but not enough self-esteem to do it. They convince themselves that they are going to put out the best piece of content ever but they never get there. Why is that?

I think the reason boils down to fear of failure. You see we don’t all just produce gold with every word we say and write. In fact, we say a lot of stupid shit before we get something worth mentioning, not to mention the good content. That means that quality is just a result of quantity. Meaning you have to put out a lot of content and only a small part of it is going to be good.

I remember hearing Tim Ferriss say that He spoke a friend of his who is an author, and complain that he wrote nine pages and ended up with just one good paragraph. And that friend explained to him that this is the writing process. You have to get the crappy pages to get the awesome piece of content. Why do you think some of your youtube videos do so much better than the rest? Why do you have posts that get ten or a hundred times the traffic that the rest of your posts do? You have to go through the process of creating to get something that stands out.

How do you create that outstanding content

Start with a schedule, decide how much content you create a day. Let’s say you’re working on a book, decide that you’re writing 1500 to 2500 words a day. For some of you, this will be easy for some it’s going to be unbelievably hard. But as long as you are willing to put in the work you will get results.

Now comes the hard part, criticism. You won’t be able to tell your content apart for the most part. You have to publish it on your preferred medium to get people’s opinions. Let your reader, viewers, whatever your following consists of show you what they like best.

From there you’re on your way to creating the content and with it the life you dream of living.


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