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Know your position and know your limits

I’m all for women in a management position, but there is a clear difference between a woman and a little girl. By that I mean the level of maturity, a woman knows her limits and what is or is not her job, a girl doesn’t. I’ve seen way too many 20-year-old girls in low-level management positions that think way too highly of themselves and take unnecessary risks.  

I’m talking about humiliating big strong men that can really hurt them. This is where I see the difference, a woman would never do that. I’m horrified of the day I will inevitably read about a 20-year old that was abused because of her behavior.

I ran into this situation myself, a few of my clients have these little girl managers that because they might look good think they own the world. And one of those decided she wanted to “show me who’s boss”. She went way past the line and all I was thinking was she’s so lucky that I’m not crazy. If it was a less stable person she talked that way to, it could have gone completely different.

Joe Rogan said once that a lot of us are way too confident because we didn’t get knocked out. I think this is true here as well. I’m a man and I would still watch myself when I’m talking to a man that’s bigger and stronger than me. I don’t know what’s going on in that other person’s head. I don’t know what happened to him today and how angry he is.

This client (and he knows who he is), will have to make different choices about who his managers are. And he’s going to have to work with another consultant when someone will inevitably lose it on this childish manager I don’t want to know about it.


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