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Three reasons why your job is too risky

Our parents lived in a different world, a world where holding on a job for 30 plus years was the goal. In today’s world that’s impossible, you will most likely have 3 to 5 jobs, and that’s if you’re the type of person that settles down. Most of us will have a lot more than five jobs. The reason for that is that the market is changing faster than it ever has before. And jobs that were thought to last forever are now obsolete.

Even more important, because of the quick and foundational changes in our world. Holding on to a job is dangerous for your cash flow. Here are three reasons why holding on to your job is risky.

  1. You have one income stream

Most people who are known to hold on to a job don’t have another income. Relying on that income to continue and always be on time is dumb. You could get fired, your paycheck might be delayed or there might be an error. Putting all your eggs (time) in one basket is irresponsible.

2. Sick days are not full income days

Depending on local law, your sick days don’t pay as much as working days. Most employees make just enough to pay the bills. So when you’re sick, and that will happen at some point. You start to accumulate debt that your bank will be more than happy to charge you for. A little bit of debt can go a long way to putting you under.

3. Your missing out on opportunities

When you’re working really hard you don’t have time to make money. You’re thinking inside the box and don’t have time to check out other opportunities. Today’s world is all about the minimum effort that will get you the big rewards and you’re working too hard to see it.

I’m not saying that everyone has to be a self-employed professional. Just don’t put your future in the hand of people who don’t give a crap about you.



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