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Don’t give yourself an out

Procrastination is a real problem, a problem we don’t admit we have. The reason we all have to deal with procrastination is that we give ourselves an out. If it’s exercise we say we will start tomorrow, or that we just got home from work. The excuses are endless.

It’s the same with work, I’ll call the client after lunch or after I make myself a cup of coffee. And then another excuse comes up. The only way to deal with this is to take care of the issues we put off the most in the most uncomfortable times.

Exercise just when you are wearing that new shit you don’t want to sweat in, that’s what washing machines are for. Call that client five minutes before you have to go home. Once you take this anti procrastination to the extream, an excuse like I’ll call that clients after lunch seems to stupid. Just do it now so you can get on to the next client.


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