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What’s more profitable? Joining a freelance platform or starting your own business?

It’s always the same when we start a business. Getting customers is the first big challenge we face. Seemingly freelance platforms solve this problem, or do they? Freelance platforms connect you with potential clients, but those clients are looking for suckers. They are looking for professionals just like you to do the job at the lowest possible price.

Yes, you will most likely make more money there than working in Macdonalds, but is that really what you’re looking for?  Regardless how you start getting clients is going to take some time. And building credibility is way more effective than selling yourself to the lowest bidder.

Instead, start building a community of prospects that will join you to get free stuff. It could be advice, short videos or short calls. Add them to an email list to keep in touch with them and advertise to them. When you have prospects that are already looking for your service and goods, it makes sense that they will convert to clients better than a random group.

If you were to advertise to a random group of let’s say, 1,000 people, as appose to advertising to a group of 1,000 prospects that are interested in your brand. Which group do you think would convert better?

And the best part is that you set your own prices. When it’s your own business you set the rules and you decide how much you charge per hour. Remember, don’t get excited to get more work, get excited to get more money.


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