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Never push a client over the edge

It sounds very basic but too many salesmen make this mistake. They want to make the sale now and don’t care if the client is ready or not. By pushing the client over the edge they not only burn themselves but their brand.

I have a friend who’s a fairly good salesman, but he’s too pushy. I think that if he was to calm down he would make a lot more sales. His mindset is that everybody is lying to him. It doesn’t make sense to him that people don’t have money to buy the product he’s trying to sell.

This type of thinking is what’s screwing up his paycheck. He’s thinking short-term and forgetting that he’s going to need referrals from his clients. Ask yourself, would you send your friends to someone that pushy? I’m sure you won’t.

A sale means nothing if you can’t get future business and referrals from it.


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