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Prove yourself before you start making demands

I have a friend at the office that is an OK salesman. But not what you would consider the best. He does, however, think he’s the Michael Jordan of this profession.

He’s made so many demands before even proving what he’s worth that he has painted a bullseye his back. At the moment everything is fine but if I was his manager he would be the first to go if he was no longer needed or if he was underperforming.

I am all for asking for more but I would prove myself before I do so. I mean why would anybody pay you any more money unless they get something out of it. I keep going over this again and again, in order for you to ask for a raise or anything else you have to be worth more to your boss.  You have to sell more, produce more, be someone he can’t afford to lose.

I’ll keep you guys posted on what ends up happening with this guy. But my point in this post is for you to learn from it and not make the same mistake yourself.

By the way a few days ago I wrote a post about a friend who needed to make a call about buying a new phone. Turns out he read the post and got a new phone. He got a Galaxy note 8 and I hope he enjoys it.


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