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The long sale will get you a much better client

Everybody is in a rush today. All we care about is closing the sale, and what we’re going to buy with our commission. It’s doesn’t matter what happens with the client after he pays us. And then we wonder why we go out of business.

There will be time to think about the stuff we want to buy later. Making sure we answered our client’s questions and made him feel confident about the purchase is the only thing that matters.

Does he need to talk to his wife? Does he need to check if our product is compatible with his current setup? Does he need support for a product he bought? Whatever it is we have to be there for him. We are selling ourselves first and our product second.

I bought a Bluetooth headset from a local phone store a few months back. The product sounded great and had a very good connection. But when I connected it to the supplied charger the charging socket fell in. It was sundered on so poorly that it didn’t allow me to charge the device even once.

When I spoke to the owner of the store he couldn’t care less. So what I lost $30, but he lost a client. About 4 months later I needed to replace my phone and I decided to buy AirPods with it. The purchase was a total of $1,000. Do you think I came back to him? Now ask yourself, was making that quick sale of $30 worth losing a $1,000 client?

Pay more attention to your clients, make sure they trust you. That’s better than any advertising you can pay for.


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