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The worst mistake you can make

There are very few bonds a company has with its clients. You’re not really friends, so your bond relays on honesty and mutual advantage. One of the reasons people all over the world hate to work with Israelis is that they break their word too often. You can order a product or service and after you pay they don’t seem to care about supplying you with the goods.

We know that we learn more from our mistakes than our success, so I must be in the best business school in the world. I used to work for a big company that I can’t name for legal reasons. This company used to buy sites with crazy traffic to promote and sell advertising space on. The business model is a solid one, except for one thing. The owner doesn’t care about what he needs to say to his clients to make a sale. And more times than not half of what he promises was not delivered. I left because I had enough of the complaints, and while I understand the clients I couldn’t see another way. The business owner just didn’t care.

I say this too often but it seems that I need to keep repeating myself. Most times you don’t make a profit from the first sale, your goal is to get the same clients to buy more and more. American companies do this very well (at least in my experience). A few months back I started a site and another on Bluehost. While they were both good, WordPress just crushed it. They are more expensive but worth every penny. But the Bluehost support team were so professional about it. They closed down my account as I requested and refunded the rest of my money no question asked.

Now I feel a lot more comfortable working with them in the future. I might need something that restricts. Who knows what I will need in the future, Bluehost made sure to earn my respect. When the time comes I will think of them first. That’s what you want, you client to love your service even if he decides not to work with you.

A sale is only the beginning, not the end.


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