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Stop worrying about what other people think

We all worry about criticism, we don’t want other people to think we don’t know what we are doing. With that said, we have to understand that there is a spectrum of knowledge and we have our place in it. There will always be those who know better and those who know less than we do. Here are a few pointers to think about if you’re starting to feel out of place.

Stop over thinking

One of the bigger reasons people don’t try new things, or even worse give up after they have already started is overthinking. What if I’m wrong? What if people see that I’m insecure? What if my work is not perfect? Well, you work is most likely not perfect. So what? Are you helping one person? Think about it, if you’re helping one person out of the eight billion people on this planet you making this world a better place for that person.

You might give him or her a new perspective they need desperately. They might not have had the same experience you did. What if someone could have come to you when you needed it and helped you understand what to do? Do you really want to let that person face his challenge alone just because you’re afraid someone might criticize you?

Sometimes, when you understand that your experience is valuable to someone else you feel a duty to keep putting out more of your content.

As Seth Godin says: you have to get into a shipping mindset. Keep shipping, keep putting things out that. Even if you put out terrible work, keep putting out material until it’s no longer terrible.

Stop trying to please everyone

You’re never going to please everyone. Even if you’re giving out $100 dollar bills, there will always be someone who will complain that his bill was torn or something. People are strange sometimes, you can never know what to expect. Instead of trying to please everyone, try to focus on just one person. What would he get excited about? If you don’t have a person in mind think of a friend. What would help that friend out? What does he need to learn? There are so many people in the world I guarantee that there is someone else out there that needs the same advice.

Stop looking for other people’s approval

Eben Pagan explains the there are two types of people. One type who feel like they are in control and another that is looking for guidance from the group they are with. People will follow those with self-confidence even if they don’t really know what they are doing.

One time a friend and I were watching a movie and what it was done the doors at the bottom of the theater opened. My friend decided he’s going to go out the doors that were closer to us. The funny thing is that half the people in the theater followed us. At some point, we notice we are lost and my friend turned to the crowd and said: “guys I don’t really know where I’m going”. If you believe in yourself people will follow you.

Find friends that think like you

There will always be people who think like you, and people who don’t. Instead of arguing with friends that always see the opposite point, start hanging out with friends that compliment you. I don’t mean friends who like the way you dress, friends that think like you. In the past five years, I stopped talking to three friends who would drive me insane with their arguments. And I can tell you that I have never been happier. It sounds horrible to cut off friends but sometimes they are doing more harm than good.

Is there anything else you would add to this list?


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