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Let your client talk

An issue a lot of salesmen have is that they don’t let their clients talk. If you don’t let the client talk you risk basing your sale on the wrong point. When selling you’re not selling a product, but an idea. If you’re not sure what the client is looking for you can’t base the sale on the points that are crucial for him.

Asking the right questions, that will allow the client to tell you the story of his life is an art. The better you are at asking questions the more you will eventually sell. Every question has to have a motive. For example: How often do you hire a technician? And how much are you paying for each housecall? These questions are meant to point out to your prospect just how much money he could save if he signs up for your service.

Here are three useful question to get you one step closer to the sale:

  1.  How long do you have this problem? This question will help you show your prospect two things. First that it has been long enough and he should fix this issue. And second, if he said that he needs to think about it, you can bring up how long this issue has been hanging over his head.
  2. What have you tried in the past? This question will allow you to take a different approach. Let’s say you’re a cleaning company and the client has a bad experience with your competition. Understanding what they did will allow you to explain how different your service is, and help you close.
  3. What is the reason you’re saying that? Is it x? This question comes in handy when you’re about to lose a sale. Most time prospects will not tell you why they will not close, they simply state that they won’t. Asking why they say that will help you prolong the conversation, and get the real reason out of them. More times than not this will help you close them.

Don’t be afraid that if you stop talking you’re going to lose the sale. And allow your prospect to give you all the ammunition you need to close him.

Are there any other questions you can think of? Leave them in the comments below.


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