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It’s not how much money a business can make, it finding the right business for you

Picking the right business for you is critical. Not just for profitability, but for your well being. Too many entrepreneurs sacrifice their sanity to make a quick buck. And in the process make their lives a living hell.

Can you imagine going to work and hating every moment? And worst of all, knowing you created this monster. Serving clients you can’t stand with a product that you can’t care less about. This is why it drives me crazy to see these questions coming up so often on Quora. “What is the most profitable business?” Or “How can I get rich fast?”

Guys, you gotta stop looking at your business as a one night stand. What are you going to do? Make your money and drop you clients line a girl you don’t intend to call back? Your business is going to take up most of your day, so you better focus on something you like to do.

Also, there’s never just one business for you. You have many things you like and those things can be combined in countless ways. Do you like to talk to people? Are you a closed off type that likes tech? Do you like to cook? Drive? Write music?

Don’t try to adapt yourself to your income. Adapt your income to you.

I’d love to hear what you guys think. What kind of business would you start?


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