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Disconnecting your time from your income

People are always scrambling to make more money. And the more they have, the more they want. But that’s not the worst part of it, the worst part is that they have only one source of income. It doesn’t matter if it’s your business or your job, what happens if it stops producing a cash flow?

In the Four hour work week, Tim Ferriss shows examples of automating your business. How to disconnect your time from your income. That’s a great start, but it must be coupled with at least a few more income streams. Every profession has good months and bad ones, but your bills still have to be paid on time.

And in today’s online world you can create as many income streams as you want. Just think, if you would invest some time and money starting an online store, a blog or a Youtube channel. Within a few short years, that second income can and most likely will outgrow your main income. Allowing you to focus on creating more online properties.

A great example of this system in action is Pat Flynn. Pat was an architect that was laid off just days after proposing to his girlfriend. Can you imagine the presser to find a new job? Lucy for Pat he understood that the same things can happen again. Pat started to create online properties and today just a little over ten years later he has a small empire of sites. A team that helps him create more and more content, and the life of his and your dreams.

One of the reasons I idolize Pat is that he teaches other people to do the same. And it’s so much easier than you think. You only need to be open to the idea of trying something new, learning from the mistakes you will eventually make and keep moving forward.

This blog is here to help you do that. While Pat focuses on how to Podcast, build your site and earn money online. This blog is meant to help you get in the mindset of a small business owner. What to focus on and how to grow your small empire.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, just ask. There is always someone who will help you.



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