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Things work out when you don’t need them to

I know the title doesn’t make sense, but stay with me for a sec. did you ever notice that everything seems to work against you when you are desperate? It’s not just like that with money, it’s everything.

Google ranks you high only when you’re generating your own traffic. Clients seem to need you when you’re overbooked, and every woman is checking you out when you’re in a relationship.

But you don’t have to beat the game for things to work out in your favor. You just have to understand the rules. I see salesmen around me fighting for every sale. Arguing with their clients like this is their first sale ever. People feel things like pressure, desperateness, and need. When they do, they take a step back.

Instead, trust the rules of the game. Trust that if you do the work new clients will keep coming in. This calm systematic attitude will project confidence. And people will want to be around you.


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