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Stupidity at it’s best

I’ve been working with call centres for a few years and no matter what company it is you will always see stupidity at it’s best. Whether it’s ego, entitlement or some manager trying to show off. Bottom line, when a client is on the line there’s no time for games. Continue reading Stupidity at it’s best


How to spot an inexperienced manager

Everybody wants to be a manager today, but not everybody is qualified for the job. Some people think that being a manager is the same as being the boss, that’s just stupid. Some think that being the manager means that everyone has to do as you say, that’s even dumber. Being a manager means knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses and combine them to get the optimal result. Continue reading How to spot an inexperienced manager

You should never let the world set your expectations

By now we all know this the model we have been living with doesn’t work. It’s built to keep you living like an employee and making somebody else rich. While digging yourself a hole you will most likely never get out of.

The first step to changing this is to set your own expectations. To carve your own path in the world and make sure it leads to the place you want to get to. Not to somebody else’s dream.

Doing that is so much simpler than you think. Haven’t you ever had that gut feeling that you hate doing what you’re doing? Haven’t you ever felt that you want to just leave and do something else?

The reason most people won’t follow that feeling is because it’s going to be hard. Nobody says it’s not, but you have to decide for yourself. Are you going to try to live your dreams and have a chance to make it? Or are you going to put your head down and continue to be abused by people that are way less intelligent than you are.

I’m not willing to go through all that for all those years, just to say that I survived. And if you’re anything like me you’re not going to take that crap either. So how are we going to do it? Together! That’s why I started this blog in the first place.

Whatever it is you decide you want to do, good luck. And if you need my help in any way leave a comment below I’ll be happy to help.