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The first cent proves it’s possible from now on it’s up to you

I met two friends in a coffee shop last night and we got to talking about how much money you need to make a living and how to get it. They are both employees and never tried the self-employed lifestyle. Even worse they are not open to understanding it. It took me a few minutes to understand that they see a black and white picture and don’t mind the colours. By that, I mean that they think that you either make a lot of money as a self-employed (from the start) or it’s not working out and you should go back to being employed. What they don’t seem to get is that from the first cent you proved that the business is working from now on it’s up to you. Continue reading The first cent proves it’s possible from now on it’s up to you


Time to tear down the wall

In business, you will eventually reach a point where you feel like you tried everything. Like you have your back against the wall. But if you would have done everything you would have found the answer by now, maybe it’s time to tear down the wall.

Tearing down the wall is my way of saying think outside the box, outside of your comfort zone. When you say you tried everything it means you tried everything you know, time to try something you don’t know. A mastermind group would help a lot in this matter.

In a mastermind group, you join a few friends that are in different fields. It’s important that they come from different fields because you want to benefit from their experience. That’s one of the reasons that I don’t like to have a group of writers or engineers.

The diversity provides you with educated people that have no experience in your field. That means they don’t know all the things that won’t work. They bring a fresh perspective that might see something your experience will allow you to miss.

Their advice might seem silly or impossible to someone with your experience, but nothing else worked you might as well try. The worst thing that can happen is that you still have the same problem, on the other hand, it might be the tipping point you needed to succeed.

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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

It’s common for a new business owner to want to start something new. Something that none of us has ever seen. But it’s not a safe bet.

The issue here is that people view things that have been done before as obsolete. If there are still people buying the product or service there’s a market for it. The fact that you have a lot of competition just means that there is awareness in the market for what you have to offer. Continue reading You don’t have to reinvent the wheel