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The golden goose

There’s a lot we can learn from stories, but the story no one seems to be paying attention to is the golden goose. In my opinion, the golden goose represented a business. Regardless of the size, too many business owners burn out their business to get the most out of it, killing it in the process.

Let’s take restaurants for example. There is a trend that when a restaurant starts out the owner does his best to get as many clients as he can. But after a short while, he turns to profitability. He doesn’t care about the quality of his goods just how to make as much money as he can. Sound familiar?

Notice that the older restaurants and pizza joints still keep getting more and more business, why do you think that is? They focus on their clients and not just the bottom line.

Is your business focused on your customers? Or is it focused on making a quick buck?

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Reality is negotiable

Have you ever seen the matrix? Well, it exists. You can find it on many different levels. It’s not that machines have taken over the world (to the best of my knowledge). It’s that people are living in a reality the doesn’t exist anymore.

Reality is what we make of it, we decide what reality is based on how we understand the world. For some people, reality is that you have to work hard 10 – 12 hours a day and still not make ends meet. For others, it’s working an hour a week and living the life of their dreams. How can those two people live such different lives? After all, they both started off the same.

The free man is the one who educated himself, read as many books as he can. It’s not the someone is forcing you to live in a certain way. If you feel stuck you just don’t know the any better. It’s about time that changed. Open your mind…

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What you should do and what you will do

There’s a clear difference between things you know you should do and things you actually will do. Most people dream big dreams but until you take action those dreams will be just that. When you start acting on the action you are willing to take you find the better action you will follow through with. Think of it like pulling a piece of thread and unraveling the design.

I keep telling myself that I will go to the gym, but something always comes up. There’s always something at work or one of my blogs needs attention, but so does my body. The action I was always willing to take is walking. I enjoy walking for hours, so I started with that. Yesterday after work I walked two hours all the way back home.

It’s just as a start and after sticking with it more actions will be included. My point is that this is, this mindset is not just for exercise, it’s for everything we do. Do you want to start a blog? A new business? Maybe find yourself a partner. Ask yourself what are you willing to do right now?

It doesn’t matter if the people around you think it’s not effective enough. It’s more important that you start taking action no matter how small the action might be.

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Is it easier for trendsetters to build their businesses?

People have a lot of complaints, one of those complaints is not being the first to pave the way. Meaning the first breakthrough with Instagram or Facebook, The first podcaster or Youtuber. But while they are busy complaining they’re forgetting one thing. Those trendsetters had no one to show them what to do.

We don’t all want to be millionaires, even if we say we do. Most of us just want to have our bills paid without having to go to the office every day. And those who want to be millionaires should put in enough work to justify it.

Anyway, I’m just watching one of Gary Vee’s videos with Paige Hathaway, Paige is the first women’s fitness models on Instagram. She’s asking Gary for advice because there is no one in her space to guide her. Think about that next time you feel that you’re stuck. There will always be someone there to show you the way, it’s not as easy for trendsetters.

Here’s a link to the video, I hope you enjoy is as much as I did.


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Anything is possible, you just need to know how to get there

Success has become like the pot of gold at the end of some fictional rainbow, but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is decide what success mean for you. Success doesn’t have to be money, a family or toys you want to have. You decide it can be all the above or none of it.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jim Rohn’s seminars once. And the one thing that stuck with me is when he said that no matter where you’re going you’re going to get there in ten years. Question is, where are you going? So start figuring out what you want your life to look like.

How many hours do you want to work? What will you do with those hours? What kind of house, family, hobbies will you have? Then break those goals up to bit size pieces and go get them. The process is simple but it’s not easy. So make sure you choose something that you love doing otherwise you might quit.

And remember this is a ten-year plan, so don’t give up if you don’t get there in a week.

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Your bank wants you to be in debt

If you owe the bank money they make you feel like you screwed up, but the truth is that they profit from it. If you’re a calculated person that never spends more than you make they profit very little. Interest and all the additional hidden fees they charge us are what makes most of the bank’s income.

It’s the reason we have credit cards, they are not there to make our lives easier but to make them harder. Just like any store owner who wants you to buy as many of his products as you possibly can. They want you to go on a shopping spree, to spend way more than you earn.

Why do they do that? They want to make a profit of course. But when you buy a new TV you got something for the money you paid, when you pay off credit card debt you get nothing from it. Why pay someone just to stop harassing you? Are you talking to a reputable company or to the mob?

It’s actually much worse than the mob, this form of organisation can monitor your spending habits, where you are at the moment, and who your family members are, this should scare the crap out of you.

So why do we use credit cards? Because it’s easy. It’s much easier to use that magic card than to limit our spending, or god forbid live off our last few dollars till payday. It’s not that you’re not making enough money, it’s not that you can’t grow your income. The problem is that your paying for nothing.

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Why do people hate lawyers so much?

Unfortunately in business, you have to deal with lawyers from time to time. But why do we hate them so much? After all, they’re just is to upholding the law. It’s much deeper than that, it’s not their jobs but their behaviour that we hate.

If you ever had to deal with a lawyer you probably thought he’s an asshole. The reason for that is that they are full of themselves most of the time. In a post I wrote a while ago I said that I don’t believe people are stupid, they are just lazy, it’s the same here. Lawyers get so lazy that they cause more problems than solutions and being so full of themselves they think that the mistake is yours. After all, it can’t possibly be them.

How do you deal with them?

First thing is never arguing with them. I have a rule I don’t argue with a drunk, and power is a much worse form of intoxication than liquor. Just present them with facts. Which brings me to my next point, have your conversation recorded or in writing. You can’t argue with facts, and if they don’t listen sue their asses.

In conclusion

People really don’t hate lawyers they hate smart asses. As long as you don’t talk down to people they will respect you. And that goes for all of us.