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Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths | Lori Harder

I recently saw this TED talk by Lori Harder. In it, she talks about the resistance she had to deal with most of her life. She goes on and explains how resistance is used to help grow your muscles and how the same is true for our mind. Try to ignore the fact that she’s a pretty blond, and listen to her story.

We all face resistance each day, whether it’s from our boss, clients, partner etc. Instead of complaining about them we can use those resistances to grow. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


Want to start a Youtube channel for your business? Here are some helpful tips

One of the blogs I follow is called ‘Small business trends‘. And in one of it’s latest posts got me thinking about starting a youtube channel. The post goes through 50 ideas for videos. You can find that post here, and here are my thoughts on the videos I would like to make.  Continue reading Want to start a Youtube channel for your business? Here are some helpful tips

How many times do you need to hear it?

Not everyone gets your point the first time. It doesn’t mean their slow, or stupid. It just means that their brain works differently than yours. I wrote a post about how to come up with new ideas a while back. This is just another process our brain goes through.  

We attribute too much to “coming up” with something new, when the truth is we had the information in us all along. But having the information is not enough we have to have it accessible, something that is not always the case.

More times than not we have to hear about something again and again to have it “fresh” in our thoughts. Fresh enough to combine it with something else. I bring this up because I just had that experience first hand. I just had a great idea that combines a few things I learned. I got the idea when re-reading ‘the four hour work week’. I’ll let you guy know how it goes when I start.

Hopefully I will be able to document the process to show you how a new business is borne and how to grow it.