Multi-level marketing, the best business for anyone just starting out

Starting out in business is not as easy as some people might think. It’s not impossible but it does require some effort. Working on systems that are pre-built like multi-level marketing can save you a lot of money and still get you the experience of owning your own business. Continue reading


Your team doesn’t need you, but you need them


Most managers make the mistake of thinking that they are the most important chess piece. But no General has ever gotten anything done without having soldiers on the ground.  Thinking that you are above your team is one of the stupidest mistakes you can ever make.  It’s a mistake that might cost you your business.

The wrong way to do it

A team of ten salesmen, one of them is promoted to manager.  This manager wants to prove himself to the owners and his way of proving himself is increase the sales. Of course, this guy goes for the shortest route possible, meaning instead of improving the quality of the sales he decides he wants to improve the quantity.

He starts pushing his team to be more aggressive with their clients,  not to take “no” for an answer.  He notifies his team that he already spoke to and met some of their clients.  This pisses off the entire team,  five of them quit on the spot.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s going to be very difficult increase volume of sales  with only 40% of your team.

doing it the right way

For a business owner, the most important thing is profit, and profit can be achieved in two ways. One way is increase in volume of sales, another is increase in quality of sales. While increasing volume of sales might require aggression, Increase the quality of sales requires finesse.

Instead of pushing a client to make a decision on the spot you’re brainstorming with him to find the best solution.  by doing that you gain his Trust his loyalty.  I for one don’t see the point in having  thousands of clients who are only with you because they need you right now and will bail soon as they get a better offer.

I would rather “save game”  with the amount of clients already have knowing that when I get new ones they will be added to my cash flow instead of just filling up holes of clients already left.


The new manager had a good plan but he executed it poorly.  As a cog in the system he didn’t distinguish between the number of sales  and the total profit.  I’ll say it again, the business owner doesn’t care if he has a hundred clients or 10,000. He cares about how much money is flowing into his business. If he can achieve his goal with less clients  he will gladly do that.  Less client means less people to satisfy.

The bottom line will always be the money.

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Do you want to be a smart ass or do you want to get shit done? 

It always amazes me how many people won’t try to improve themselves, and would rather tear someone else down. And adding insult to injury they have done nothing with their own lives. This really gets on my nerves when losers try to tear down people I respect. People like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan etc.

Guys, we have so much we still have to do, do we really have the time to look for faults in others? As Tony keeps saying “if you look for shit you’ll find shit”, but what’s the point?

I don’t know about you guys, buy my schedule is packed. A full-time job, two blogs and starting my own business, I have to find time to breathe. And I still feel like a lazy bastard.

It’s time to start thinking of ourselves

If someone seems to be doing a poor job in our opinion we can take that chance to do something better. One of my mentors used to say that if someone is making a dollar more than you, he knows better and you should learn from him. When you’re making a dollar more than him he will learn from you. Money isn’t everything but the same goes for anything else. If someone else is more productive, centered or anything else, you should learn from him.

At the end of the day we don’t control the world around us, we can only control ourselves. And I for one want to learn from anyone who is willing to take the time to teach me. Gary Vee doesn’t have to make youtube videos and I’m sure he doesn’t need the money. He’s doing it to give back, to help us reach as high as we can.

So if you have time to tear someone else down you have the time to build yourself up. What you do with that time will design your life.

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3 things you have to consider when starting your own business


When you have no experience you don’t know what you’re getting into. When you finally decide to try to give up at the first sign of trouble. The thing is, business is not a walk in the park but that shouldn’t get you to raise the white flag. Here are three things you should consider when starting a business.

It’s not going to be an overnight success

There is no such thing as an overnight success, most companies take years to build themselves up. You have to consider that it will take you around 2 to 5 years to have any type of stability.

When I talk about stability I mean the feeling of stress is mostly gone for a few reasons. You should have enough money set aside for rainy days, so you’re not worried about your next meal. You have a big enough clients base so you’re not worried about who will buy your goods. And by this time you know who to grow your business.

When you understand that this will take time, you realize why you need to keep your day job while you start building your business. I would go as far a recommending that you keep your day job till you have one year’s worth of living expenses set aside.

You’re going to fail a lot

Most people run away from a failure like a plague, but failure is what builds you up more than anything else. Think about it, you don’t learn anything from success. If something works then it works you just move on to the next thing. But when you fail you stop and think, why did this happen? What did I do wrong?

This process allows you to improve your business and yourself.

It’s going to be the most fulfilling feeling in the world

Though starting a business is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do, it’s going to feel so great when you finally succeed. It’s going to be such an empowering feeling to know that you started something from scratch and built it into the empire it is. 

Even if that empire makes 100k a year it’s still a paycheck that you created. And nothing is stopping you from starting another.

In conclusion, those harder things we do in life are worth more than you know. Nothing beats the feeling of independence the feeling that no matter what happens you can handle it.

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