Don’t give them the satisfaction of breaking you down

Sometimes circumstances can get to you. Weather it your fault or not you have to learn to deal with them. You deserve better than to let other people break you down just because their stupid or lazy.

People are generally lazy and their mistakes take their tole on you. I know sometimes it can feel like you can’t breath. That there are too many issues you have to deal with. But you have to remember your goal. You have to remember how important it is for you to be strong.

Let your competition break down if they wish but you have to be stronger. At the end of the day the better man is the most patient man.


If you don’t evolve you’ll be left back

We don’t know everything and the faster we come to terms with it, the better of we will be. Our egos want us to think we are better then practically anyone else, I don’t buy that. There is always someone better, smarter or just plainly sees things from a diffract perspective.

In school we learned to do things alone, that if we get help from our friends that’s cheating. School screwed up up bad. In the real world we have to corporate , we have to work with other people. Don’t forget your clients are other people. If you keep telling yourself that you know better and everyone else is wrong no one will want to work with you.

With no clients your business is dead. I know it’s hard, and we both know that not everybody understands you. But in order to achieve anything in this life you have to evolve beyond what you have been thought in school. You have to make up new rules that get you from where you are, to where you want to go.

Is it going to be easy? Not a chance. But it’s going to be worth it.

Introducing someone new to your company

When hiring someone new you get a fresh prospective on your companies DNA. You like to think you’re running you business in a certain way, but a fresh pair of eye might show you something you’ve been neglecting.

This is one of the best opportunities you’re going to get to improve. A few months ago I started working for an advertisement agency. They have a clear plan or at least i thought they did. Turns out that as a new team player I found more holes in the system then they where willing to deal with.

They where all small things, nothing in itself was major but when you add them all together they amount to a lot. They where smart enough to fix most of them, sadly not all companies are like that.

When given the chance to improve take it. You can’t afford to have something holding you back because of ego. Ego doesn’t pay the bills.

Be the best you can be right now

Releasing your work is hard. Maybe no one will like it, maybe there are more advance players in the game. Well, there usually are. You can’t stop yourself because you’re not the best. Operate from the understanding that there’s always someone better then you, and that’s OK.

You shouldn’t set out to bet the best rather the best you can be right now. What’s the difference? Simple, you’re giving yourself some slack. You’re going to get better way faster if you start. Sure you can keep learning and I would advice you to do so. But not at the expense of trying things out.

When you just learn your understanding is limited. You have no real feel for the actual work. Worrying that there’s someone better then you will keep you from taking your first steps. And you have to take those steps now, tomorrow is too late because tomorrow you would have already lost a day.

And that lost day will result in a shorter reach. You have to start right now so that you can get as far as this life will allow you to get. You owe that to yourself and to the world.

Learn to love the process

In everything that we do there is always a process. We are so used to looking forward to the end result that we miss it entirely. The worst thing about it is that we treat the process as something we don’t want to do just to get to the end result. Then we allow ourselves to be happy for a short time. Until we want something else, and we are unhappy again.

Learning to love the process will instantly give us two things. One is to feel happy right now. and second a much greater result. How is that possible you ask? Simple. When you learn to love what you do you pay more attention to it. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about working out, making sales calls or courting the girl we want.

Learning to pay attention to the little things helps us understand what we’re experiencing. I read once the we don’t fall in love with other people but with the feelings the process gives us. I started to think how can we apply it to everything else. Insted of rushing I started to take things slow and noticed what I like and what I don’t.

I found that the things I don’t like to do where things that where not progressing my towards my goals. They where things I just did to pass the time. When I shifted my attention to the things I liked, I started to increase my productivity. That increased my sales and my paycheck.

Try taking things slow, try to notice how it effects your experience and let me know in the comments below.

It’s you job to give service, selling is an outcome

I know you have bills to pay, we all do. And you can still pay then without manipulating people. Getting a client is easy, keeping a clients is where the money is at. Remember you pay a lot of money to get the client in the first place. To keep him all you have to do is give him good service.

When a client is happy there is no reason for him to check out the competitor. I’ll give you and example. For the past ten years I was an apple freak. I would by anything they would offer (within my budget). I didn’t care what the competition was offering. And why was that? Because their products where perfect.

They had no bugs and I would never have to worry about my device crashing. Until they did. There was a patch they released that disabled my keyboard and mouse on the 13″ macbook pro. And after an hour with one of their reps the conclusion was that my keyboard was dead. I went to the version of apple store we have here in Israel and they wanted me to sign up for a two year warranty program to fix the “problem”. The price they asked for was enough to by a new laptop (not an apple laptop but a pc).

Anyway I decided to try one more thing before I gave up. I downloaded Ubuntu and installed it on my macbook, This post is written with my macbook built in keyboard. So it’s not dead. My point is after all that time they lost a loyal customer. They can afford it and most likely not notice, and when you hit it that big you might not care as well. But till you do, make sure every clients gets the service he deserves.

What you know doesn’t mean anything

Leaning and self development is a great thing, but we tend to take it too far. Until we take action all the self help in the word is not going to be useful.

Take action, I know you’re afraid to fail. I’m telling you to embrace the failure. that’s your only way to level up. And you will fail, many times. But that’s a good thing.

Tony Robbins said once that good judgment comes for experience. Experience comes form knowledge and knowledge comes from making mistakes. No on has ever amounted to anything in this world without failing first.

So go out make your mistakes, learn all you can from them and level up.