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Plan B

Too many of us think that our plans will work out the way we want. That the world will react just the way we thought it would and we will be millionaires. The sad truth is that it doesn’t work out that way. You will hit a brick wall, and it would be better to play safe then have to close your business.

So how do you play safe? You have a plan B. That means that if you have a store and no clients are coming in, you open an eBay or Shopify store. If the clients won’t come to you, you need to go to them.

Why stop there? Make sure to create other income sources that will cover your behind in case your business is hitting a rough patch. Donald Trump was asked about one of his failing companies once. His reply was “So what? my other 50 companies are doing really well”. Turns out there are things we can learn from the president.


Don’t give yourself an out

Procrastination is a real problem, a problem we don’t admit we have. The reason we all have to deal with procrastination is that we give ourselves an out. If it’s exercise we say we will start tomorrow, or that we just got home from work. The excuses are endless.

It’s the same with work, I’ll call the client after lunch or after I make myself a cup of coffee. And then another excuse comes up. The only way to deal with this is to take care of the issues we put off the most in the most uncomfortable times.

Exercise just when you are wearing that new shit you don’t want to sweat in, that’s what washing machines are for. Call that client five minutes before you have to go home. Once you take this anti procrastination to the extream, an excuse like I’ll call that clients after lunch seems to stupid. Just do it now so you can get on to the next client.

People criticize too much

Is it just me? Or are people too critical? It’s not that they voice their opinions that bothers me, it’s the fact that they can’t do a better job and still allow themselves to complain.

I like comic book movies, and I agree that Marvel is doing a better job than DC. But everyone online talks about what DC should have done with every movie they produce. These people don’t have a 300 million dollar budget to make a film or the experience the directors in question have.

But it doesn’t end there, these people think they know your business better than you do. They have a complaint about every step you take but do nothing to start their own business. I can’t tell people how to live their lives, but if someone tells me how to do my job not having done it himself. I tell him to shut the fuck up.

Three reasons why your job is too risky

Our parents lived in a different world, a world where holding on a job for 30 plus years was the goal. In today’s world that’s impossible, you will most likely have 3 to 5 jobs, and that’s if you’re the type of person that settles down. Most of us will have a lot more than five jobs. The reason for that is that the market is changing faster than it ever has before. And jobs that were thought to last forever are now obsolete.

Even more important, because of the quick and foundational changes in our world. Holding on to a job is dangerous for your cash flow. Here are three reasons why holding on to your job is risky.

  1. You have one income stream

Most people who are known to hold on to a job don’t have another income. Relying on that income to continue and always be on time is dumb. You could get fired, your paycheck might be delayed or there might be an error. Putting all your eggs (time) in one basket is irresponsible.

2. Sick days are not full income days

Depending on local law, your sick days don’t pay as much as working days. Most employees make just enough to pay the bills. So when you’re sick, and that will happen at some point. You start to accumulate debt that your bank will be more than happy to charge you for. A little bit of debt can go a long way to putting you under.

3. Your missing out on opportunities

When you’re working really hard you don’t have time to make money. You’re thinking inside the box and don’t have time to check out other opportunities. Today’s world is all about the minimum effort that will get you the big rewards and you’re working too hard to see it.

I’m not saying that everyone has to be a self-employed professional. Just don’t put your future in the hand of people who don’t give a crap about you.


Get an unfair advantage

Why would you work hard if you can get much better results effortlessly? Think about that. When I look back at my experience, every time I dominated a field I had some unfair advantage.

When I was working in 4chef I knew everything about every contraption sold. When I worked for an electronics firm I knew how to use search engines. Something that was not common at the time.

Bottom line is you have something that you do way better than anyone else. Maybe you’re better at researching, it might be easier for you to talk to people. Doesn’t matter what it is. Instead of trying to “fix” the things you’re not so good at, focus on what you’re already excelling at and kick some ass.


How to take a credit card over the phone

I’ve been doing this for so long that sometimes I don’t notice what I do differently. And why get better results. I was working in insurance firm recently and the guy sitting next to me was shocked at the number of credit cards clients give me over the phone. It could easily be 10 to 15 different credit cards per day from different clients. He was only getting about 2 to 3. He stopped me and said “I Gotta know exactly what you tell people on the phone. I want to see if it works for me”.

We went through the process step-by-step. He wrote it down, picked up the phone and went through it just as I explained. At the end of the conversation, the client gave him his credit card. He turns to me and says “OK it worked, but I don’t understand why it worked”. The purpose of this post is to make sure that not only does it work for you but you also understand why it works.

This process is pretty straightforward, so even if you think you know it. I would urge you to keep reading, you might notice subtle differences that will make all the difference in on your close.

The first thing you need to do is build rapport with your client. Meaning don’t you sound like another salesman calling to shove a product down his throat, without his consent. Don’t push the client just make sure he feels comfortable

The second and most important thing in the conversation makes sure the client understands what the product is and he really wants it. When I say really wants it, I mean imagine yourself walking into a bar seeing that hot blonde sitting next to the bartender. And how much you want her, the client needs to want to the product more than that. The way you get him there is by emphasizing what the product can do for him. Nobody cares about how powerful it is and what the technical specs are. All the client cares about is what’s in it for him.

The third part is bringing up and answering questions and rejections. Your client has both even if he thinks he doesn’t. Start talking about what you are going to do as if he has already said yes and gave you the card. Take the client through the motions of having placed the order, this will bring up the rejection. Answer them and make the client feel comfortable on the phone with you.

The fourth part going for the card. This is where 80 to 90% of salesman drop the ball. I know you’re excited that you’re making a sale, it’s not only the commission it’s also the ego of I was able to close somebody. Even though that is the case you need to be calm.

Imagine if you were ordering a pizza and the guy on the other side of the phone got excited when you gave him your card number. You can hear that his heart was pounding just like yours is. You can hear the squeaking his voice and he was talking really really fast. You would freak the hell out and hang up the phone. Funny as it seems you’re doing the same thing to your client. You’re getting excited when it’s time to take a card, and he can feel it.

When you take a card you have to sound like you’re bored. Bored out of your skull, you do this million times a day and here comes another card. Sounds simple enough but it’s something you have to get used to. This is one of the main reasons why the more season salesmen are able to close more sales. They do not get excited about closing the sale.

If you need to handle your excitement you can train yourself by talking to attractive members of the opposite sex that you don’t know. You don’t have to try to pick them up just talk to them. This will trigger the same excitement, the heavy breathing, the sweaty hands. But after a few times, this will pass because you got used to it, it will also stop happening when you’re on the phone.

As for what you should say, simply ask your client what card he would prefer using. This would give the client a softer close, one where he’s comfortable telling you if he’s not ready to give you the card over the phone. Sounds counter intuitive right? The title of this post is how to get a client to give you his card over the phone, and I’m telling you that some are too scared no matter what you do. So what’s the deal right?

When you push a client by giving him a hard close he will just freak out and hang up. Once you take him through this process he will feel comfortable telling you if he’s scared to give you the card. Allowing you to provide him with alternatives. Like getting a prepaid card where he deposits the exact amount he wants to pay, that way he has nothing to worry about if credit card theft is an issue that scares him. Whatever the fear, when the client feels at home with you there will always be a solution.

Try it out, and let me know how it worked for you.


Know your position and know your limits

I’m all for women in a management position, but there is a clear difference between a woman and a little girl. By that I mean the level of maturity, a woman knows her limits and what is or is not her job, a girl doesn’t. I’ve seen way too many 20-year-old girls in low-level management positions that think way too highly of themselves and take unnecessary risks.  

I’m talking about humiliating big strong men that can really hurt them. This is where I see the difference, a woman would never do that. I’m horrified of the day I will inevitably read about a 20-year old that was abused because of her behavior.

I ran into this situation myself, a few of my clients have these little girl managers that because they might look good think they own the world. And one of those decided she wanted to “show me who’s boss”. She went way past the line and all I was thinking was she’s so lucky that I’m not crazy. If it was a less stable person she talked that way to, it could have gone completely different.

Joe Rogan said once that a lot of us are way too confident because we didn’t get knocked out. I think this is true here as well. I’m a man and I would still watch myself when I’m talking to a man that’s bigger and stronger than me. I don’t know what’s going on in that other person’s head. I don’t know what happened to him today and how angry he is.

This client (and he knows who he is), will have to make different choices about who his managers are. And he’s going to have to work with another consultant when someone will inevitably lose it on this childish manager I don’t want to know about it.