Focus on the mission

Some people will always look for the easy way out. They will always look for the get rich quick schemes. As one of my readers, I’m assuming you don’t belong to that group. I’m assuming that you understand that you have to put in the work. Some people focus only on the money. But the ones who make a true impact, the ones who make the big paychecks, are always the ones trying to improve other peoples lives.

Money should never be the mission

Of course, we all need money. We need it to pay the bills, we need it to have some peace and quiet. But focusing only on the money will have a negative impact on our business. Instead, we need to focus on the crowd. As Peter Diamandis always says, “if you want to be a billionaire, help a billion people”.

Your mission is to help as many people as you possibly can. Your mission is to improve their lives. If your field is knowledge, make sure you pass that knowledge along to as many people as you can. Same thing if your field is: Technology, agriculture etc.

Don’t sell yourself short for a quick buck. Think of the long-term, think of what you want to be known for. Two examples that come to mind are Pat Flynn and Tim Ferris. Yes, they make money, but they aren’t pushing their product. I’ve been following these blogs for over a year, and Nobody tried to sell me anything so far.

They have affiliate links (they need to make the money somehow), but they are not pushing advertisements, Book sales etc. It’s important to point out that they both have their own books. They both referred to them from time to time, but they don’t push it.

Most new websites are cluttered with advertisements. So much so that you can’t understand the content. The content is broken down into a few pages (so there will be more room to put advertisements). And even when you want to turn to the next page, the arrow is so small that you accidentally press on the advertisers arrow causing you to click (that’s how the site’s owner makes money).

I don’t know about you but I for one will not return to a site like that. Keep that in mind, and remember that your business website is your store’s front window. To this day I haven’t seen a store that promotes other stores products in their front window.