How to stop fearing fear

Sometimes you see someone doing something heroic, like saving someone from a dangerous situation. And think to yourself, wow it must be awesome not to feel fear. But that’s not what is happening here. The hero did not find a way to stop feeling fear, he found a way to ignore it.

how we fuel our fear

Do you remember how you used your imagination as a child? imagining your superman, flying over the city. You never stopped using your imagination, you just use it differently now. Whenever you fear a certain situation you use your imagination to see the worst case scenario playing over and over again.

What can you do about it?

Here are a few actions you can take to decrease your fear:

When you catch yourself imagining the worst case scenario, remind yourself that it’s just your imagination. And just like you can’t fly, most likely it will not happen the way you imagine.

After you toned it down, take that situation as what will actually happen. Now think of how you’re going to deal with it. What steps can you take to reverse or at least improve the situation?

After step two, no matter what your answer is. How do you go on from this point? How do you get back to the way things are right now. You can come up with a plan for anything. You just need to start trusting yourself.