How do you know if you chose the right business

People keep asking what is the most profitable business. What should I open? Where can I make more money? My answer is always the same, open something that you think you can tolerate during the bad times. Basically, start something you love doing. Having said that, not every one of your ideas is going to work out. So what do you do? Continue reading


Breaking the mental barrier, how seeing something done can open your mind

Too often our limitations are not set by the world around us, but by our own Beliefs.  You’re able to do 20, 30 maybe 50 times more than you think you can. I’m not going to go into how all these limitations got into our heads, but it’s years training to think wrong. I just heard a Tim Ferriss podcast with David Blaine and in it, they talked about how people can do things they never thought they could after seeing somebody else do it. Continue reading

Train harder work smarter


You do not rise to the level of your dreams you fall to the level of your trainingArchilochus

There’s a saying in Israel ‘the harder the training the easier the battle’. And it’s true, the better prepared you are the easier it is to reach your goals. You have to make sure that you are ready for the very worst case scenario in everything you do. That goes double for business owners. Because they are responsible for their team or employees as well.

If you have to sell 100 units of a product you have to find out what is needed to make 200 Sales. You have to take into account refunds, cancellations, basically you have to take into account your worst nightmare.