I can disagree with your opinion but not with your experience

Business mindset

People like to talk, most of the time they don’t really understand the subject they are arguing about. I have a friend that would disagree about anything you say no matter what it is or who you are. 

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Turn Your Struggles Into Strengths | Lori Harder

I recently saw this TED talk by Lori Harder. In it, she talks about the resistance she had to deal with most of her life. She goes on and explains how resistance is used to help grow your muscles and how the same is true for our mind. Try to ignore the fact that she’s a pretty blond, and listen to her story.

We all face resistance each day, whether it’s from our boss, clients, partner etc. Instead of complaining about them we can use those resistances to grow. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Is your CRM screwing up your business?

We are all humans and can’t possibly remember all our clients and tasks, that’s what CRM programs are for. The problem is that programmers are more times than not like the rest of us. They have flawed logic and think like machines. A CRM is not just meant to keep data, but to display it in a manner that allows the user to get the information he needs when he needs it. Continue reading Is your CRM screwing up your business?

The single mistake that kills most businesses

They’re many points failure in business. But most more times than not the smaller points of failure are much more dramatic than the big ones. Because when something dramatic happens you notice it on the spot and take care of it. But when something small starts germinating in your business you don’t always notice it. At least not until it’s too late. The point of this post is to show you one of those small points of failure that destroy most businesses, and teaches you how to avoid it or at least correct it. Continue reading The single mistake that kills most businesses


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