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Building a stable foundation for your business

Your business’s foundation is its cash flow, the issue is that most small business owners don’t know if their cash flow is positive or negative. So let’s first go over what your cash flow is and how to know if you’re in the black. Continue reading “Building a stable foundation for your business”

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Your first $100 will be the hardest you’ll ever make

The big names make it look so easy, right? Like making your first million dollars is going to take you a few days tops. In reality, it’s not that easy, it’s going to take a lot of effort and you will meet too many challenges that will force you to rethink this whole “starting a business” thing. That’s why not everybody is fit for it. Continue reading “Your first $100 will be the hardest you’ll ever make”

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Google doesn’t owe you anything

I remember a time when you didn’t get paid for ads on your site. Unless you had some kind of sponsorship or sold a product you couldn’t monetize your online assets. Today Google, Amazon, and countless other platforms allow you to make money passively through your online asset. And what do you hear over and over again? It’s not enough money. Continue reading “Google doesn’t owe you anything”