The copy paste mentality

Computers have made our lives easier. But with that we have become lazy. We look for ways to make our lives so easy that we sometime don’t stop and think about what we are doing.

 I’m talking about the habit of copy paste. Although there are places where it can benefit us, some of us just take it too far. And if we continue this it will lead us to a place where creativity will no longer exist.

 Where does this pay off?

 When you look at someone who has gotten a result you would like to get yourself, and copy his actions. You will most likely get the same results. This is one of the reasons we have schools. If one person learned to read and write, and that person made better decisions. It is logical that if we all do it, we would all make better choices.

 This is where we cross the line

 Copying a successful business would have the same result. But copying their exact material will only help us get sued. I see to many small businesses copying materials from other organisations and changing a few sentences, calling it their own.

 Besides the moral and legal issues this creates. The next worst result is that you are copying what someone else wrote based on their experience. When asked any question on the matter you cannot give a real answer. You can only quote the text you copied.

 This will show your customers that you didn’t really do the work. This will hurt your reputation and any future business you may have gotten. And when you decide to do the work for yourself you start from square one. Because you haven’t learned anything.



Not nearly enough

There is a story we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel productive. And that story is, I did my part. This is especially problematic with new business owners. Fresh out of school, or new to a life of being your own boss. We hope we know what we’re doing, but the truth is that no one does.

 We talk to a few potential clients, and when we see that they are not excited to work with us we start to panic. Did I make the right decision? Am I in the right business? How is it possible that no one wants to work with me? No one is willing to give me a chance.

 You didn’t put in the work

 Finding your first client is a lot harder then you think. It’s by no means impossible, but it is difficult. Remember nobody knows you yet. They are going to spend money and they don’t know the quality of they work they are going to get. They don’t know what kind of person they are dealing with.

 To get your first client you’re going to have to reach the right person in just the right time. And that requires meeting a lot of people. Your going to have to put up a lot of work, that your not going to get paid for. Marketing, setting up meetings etc.

 The problem is the new entrepreneurs don’t take this into account. They talk to a few people (not necessarily potential customers). And as far is it they are concerned they did their part.

 What can you do differently?

 Develop the habit of planning your week in advance. Put in the same eight hour day did you put in your previous job, dedicated to getting clients. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s something that has to be done.

 I would advise making an Excel sheet, and writing down how many people you met with and who are the potentials. To find those potentials use a grading list. “A” would be high potential while “F” would below potential. That way you can manage your time more effectively.

And don’t let anyone or anything get you to second guess yourself. You have a goal, now go get it.

A leader never has to say he’s the leader

Have you ever worked with someone who is so full of himself, that he kept reminding everyone he’s the manager? Do you think people respected him? I don’t.

 The true characteristics of a leader

 A leader is someone who makes sure everything is running according to schedule, he knows everyone and what their strengths and weaknesses are. So he can mix up his team to get the required result. He never “flashes his badge” and reminds the team he’s the leader. He doesn’t have to.

 Another important factor of being a leader is that you lead from within the group. You don’t just close your office door and yell out instructions. You are on the grounds running with your unit, every day is a new battle, and he’s ready to face it head on.

 Notice that in the best restaurants you will always see the manager on the floor with the waiters. making sure everyone has done his or her job, backing them up as needed.

 This reminds me of a story Napoleon Hill told once. When he met Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie confessed that he knows nothing about steel. He doesn’t know how to mine it, smelt it, or do anything else with it. But he was the owner of the biggest steel company in the U.S.

When Hill asked what he actually does in his company, Carnegie replied I make sure everyone gets alone with everyone else.

Set it and forget it

There are many things that needlessly waist your time. To maximize your potential you have to focus on things that will get you closer to your goal. While having things that can be automated or handled by someone else. Two things that make my life easier are gmail and if this then that.


 Lets start with Gmail first. Gmail is (in my opinion) the best email client so far. it allows you to pull off some awesome time saving automation easily. In this post I will focus on my favorite one, the filters.

 Filters allow you to specify what email you want to have sent to a specific folder so it doesn’t clutter up your inbox. You can create custom labels for family, work, newsletters etc. And have those emails arrive at those specific folders.

 The more you use filters the more addictive it will be. Just imagine opening your inbox in only finding four or five emails there.

If this then that

 The second automation tool I want to share is if this then that. So far it’s a free service and it allows you to automate almost anything you can imagine. From sending your spouse a message every time you go to the market, to controlling your smart home it does it all.


Constructing a bonus structure 

In today’s market, you need to work with partners. Those partners are called affiliates. An affiliate is basely someone who gets you a sale, an act or contact information from someone interested in your product. Working with affiliates can help you business explode (in a good way).

One thing you have to keep in mind, they don’t know your business as well as you do. They just know what they have to do. If you hired an affiliate to get people to sign up for your newsletter that’s all they are focusing on. But what if you can get more out of this relationship?

Working with multi level commissions

You can bypass the mailing list, but you still want to engage with potential customers. Implementing a multi level commission can help you improve your process. Lets say that the next step in your funnel is to sell a cheap product. You can pay a larger commission for a lead that signs up for the newsletter and buys the product.

An example would be $1 for the signup and another $1 for the sale. Doing that will make your affiliate concentrate an a demographic that might do both actions. By doing that your conversion rate will go up.

For a relatively cheap price you can get new visitors engaging with your content. From there the sale will be much easier. Don’t forget, if the visitors but a cheap product it covers the cost of the affiliate. Allowing you to offer more commissions and get a lot more traffic.


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