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The best version of you

Most people who go into business for themselves are very competitive. More times than not the competition comes down to money. Did I make more money, did the other team make more money. The point is focusing only on the end result is not going to help you improve.

 There’s a reason that one group does better than another. And that reason is their process. Steve jobs one said “in order for Apple to be the best, we don’t have to beat Microsoft. We just have to beat ourselves.”

 If you want to be the best version of yourself, don’t look at your competitors look in the mirror. What can you do better? Where can you improve? What are the steps you can take right now? You already have the answers. The only question remaining, is will you take the action?

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Get to the point

The more you talk the bigger the chance you will say something stupid. It’s not your fault when we sell or write we want to get our message across. Sometimes a client gets the point and asks what the next step is.

 We have to noticed this otherwise we might screw up the sale. It’s also the same when writing content. Whether it’s for your own blog, an e-mail you’re sending to a client etc. When the client understands and we keep talking, it only raises new questions or things that he’s not sure of.

 In writing this may lead to the reader leaving our site, because we’re just too boring. Many times we write so much that we completely miss the point. I recently wrote an article about pricing strategies. When I researched the matter, I found a lot of sites who wrote about pricing strategies.

 However many of them didn’t address the point. They talked about the $.99 Price, they talked about what works for gigantic companies. And is nice as that is, I believe that when a new business owner looks for an article on pricing strategies he wants to know how to calculate the price for his product.

 Only one sight I found out of about 20 or 30 addressed the issue. When talking to a client or writing content, make sure you get to the point. Otherwise your clients might lose patients and move on.

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Getting through to your client

We tend to think that the things that are clear to us are also clear to our clients. That is usually not the case. Not only are we not understood, sometimes the clients make up their own meaning.

 For example: let’s assume that you build websites for your clients. Your clients can range from many different fields, and their needs can change. In addition to that you work in your office not in their business place. Therefore they can’t see what you’re doing, you have to assume they don’t trust you. Because every disagreement will bring up the fact that they don’t know what you’re doing.

 The solution

 Let’s say that you have a client who sells plumbing equipment online. He most likely has thousands of products, and he needs all those products on the site. Let’s also assume that you Charge $60 per hour and you are able to add six new items an hour to his site.

 Described in full exactly what that means. How many photos will you upload? Text, buttons, links etc. Be as specific as possible, dividing the $60 to six products. When you charge a client $10 for each page or product to upload he can see the results. If you make your work quantifiable he can’t argue with you because you have proof.

 Being clear with your clients builds trust. And trust brings more business.

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Walk the talk

As much as we evolved, we still think of ourselves as a tribe. Forget your 10,000 Facebook friends, in reality you think as though you are in a tribe of a hundred or so people. Think of it, can you name over 100 people you know off the top of your head?

 Your tribe, weather it’s in business or your personal life respects actions. If you give someone advice and don’t follow it yourself, you will not be taken seriously in the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss, your employees will imitate your behavior.

 If you want people to do something don’t teach them, show them. Show them that your a person that takes action. That get’s things done, and they will do the same.

 As funny as it sounds. Monkey see, monkey do.

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Those who can’t do teach

People love to give you their opinions. Especially friends and family. But what do they know about the topic? When you’re starting something new you assume that everyone knows better then you. After all you know nothing and everyone seems to be so knowledgeable.

 Their not lying to you, but they haven’t done the research either. Think of the last time you gave someone advice, what did you base the information you gave them on? A Youtube video? a post? and email? You have to develop the habit of researching what you see and read. If you make a mistake it’s still your mistake.

 Blindly trusting information online is like asking a fat person for diet advice.

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The difference between a genius and an idiot

Too many people today are trying to sound intelligent. And in the process Forget that it’s the teachers responsibility to be understood. Meaning if you didn’t understand what you were told. The fault is with who ever passed you the information.

 The definition of a genius is someone who takes something very complicated, and explains it in a very simple way. While the definition of an idiot is someone who takes something simple, and explains it in a very complicated way.

 Notice when you’re reading information today. Most likely it’s going to be online. And sadly more times than not it’s going to make your eyes glaze over. This is not your fault, it’s the fault of the writer. If we wanted a quote from the dictionary, we would have checked out the dictionary.

 When we read information on the web we expect to get to the point as soon as possible.

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What’s your definition of success

When people talk about success, they usually mean getting rich.  Only you can determine what your definition of success is. Take Robin Williams for instance.

 Watching his successful career, you think the man had everything he ever wanted.  The tragic way he ended his life proves otherwise. We all think of success is getting rich for one basic reason. We have to much to worry about in our own lives. And we define success is something that takes a load off.

 A successful person doesn’t have to worry about paying his bills. He can get up whenever he wants. He’s not stressed out at work. And his family life is perfect.

 We can all have that. We just need to know what the components are. For instance, how much money we need to live a more peaceful life. And gradually once we are not overburden. We can become successful ourselves.

It’s great to dream, just make sure you don’t convince yourself that your dreams are unattainable.