Test your assumptions

Who has never heard the phrase “assumption is the mother of all F up’s”. But rarely do we take that advice. Too often we assume what we would like to happen is the natural outcome. And are shocked when things don’t go our way.

I’m not saying don’t assume anything, I’m simply advising you to check it out.

The time frame

When checking out an assumption, whether it’s in new business choice, a new employee etc. Take a 90-day timeframe. Anything less than that would be too short, and you wouldn’t see the whole picture. Anything longer than that is useless because the same situation will just keep repeating itself.

Divide those 90 days to 12 weekly analysis points. Each one of those weeks monitors your results. choose one to three metrics that you are going to follow. See how well those metrics are doing. Dividing your time frame to weekly analysis, we’ll give you the option to make corrections along the way.

This is very important if you don’t monitor how well things progress you will not have all the information you need to come to a conclusion. And testing once a month or at the end will not cut it. On the other hand testing, every day will drive you crazy.

The metrics

Let’s take a new employee for example. Your goal is to have someone who can do the job and that you trust not to slack off if you’re not around. Your basic KPI’s (key performance indicators) are phone calls he made or logs on the CRM. Sales are great but they are not a valid KPI because they depend on too many variables.

To make it easy your KPI’s should be actions that if taken will result in a sale. You need to be able to monitor his work even if it was a bad day.