Trying something new? Give it a chance.

With today’s changes, your methods of advertising or selling might need to change. But sometimes you’re too impatient to wait for results. And you don’t give your new ideas a chance.

Basically, the best way to do this is to continue with your old methods (so you don’t disrupt your cash flow). And give the new method a 90-day trial. It’s very important to monitor how it’s doing. If it’s analytics for your site, an Excel sheet to see how sales have progressed, or whatever it is you need to do. Just make sure to do it.

I would advise you try more than one thing at any time. That way you can cut unneeded time when testing new methods. And it will also help you to test the cost effectiveness of each one of the methods. Trying three at a time we’ll be expensive, and will cause you to notice how much money you’re spending and how well it’s working.

Typically, you have so much work to do in your business, but if you try one method and it’s cheap. You won’t even take the time to track it and see how well it’s doing. And That’s the worst thing you can do. Because the supplier would always make it look better than it actually is, to make sure you keep paying him.

Remember if you don’t track you can’t improve.